Friday, September 2, 2016

Teach by the Spirit!

I just want to share a short message of what I've learned on this one. 

I have learned that teaching is not as easy as I thought it would be. It requires us to listen and observe others. Moreover, I have to let the spirit guide me while I'm teaching. I didn't realize the fact that we pray a lot. We pray before we teach, when we teach, and after we teach to invite the spirit to be with us. After we teach, we always do the companion inventory. Not only we can understand each other more, but we also can strengthen our weaknesses. Preach my gospel is my good friend since I have to read it everyday. I've learned that in order to understand investigator, we need to listen and observe the body language. I like the quote from Elder Holland that said about being a good listener, he said that we shouldn't be worry of what we are going to say when we listen to the investigator, but to just listen and the spirit will helps us. I tried it and it worked very well! 
I want to invite everyone to pray more often and take your time to pondering about your prayer. Sometimes the answer might not come right after but be patience, the lord will answer your prayer like he always does 😁

Lots of love,
Sister W

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