Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lessons from the MTC

Hi everyone

This is my last week at the MTC! The time went by so fast! I love the MTC, my class and my companions. After all the things that we have been through together, we are more connected, united, and love one another. The MTC does soften my heart and teach me so many things.  I also learn more about patience and humility. Having companions is really hard since we have to do everything together. Sometimes we may not agree on the same things or think about ourselves before others.  It was really hard when we had a problem because those problems effected our lessons.  I am not perfect and sometimes my attitude isn't that great. I prayed to the Lord with my sincere heart to ask for his help. I asked him to soften our hearts and help us to understand one another more since we were all different. After the prayer, we were able to talk openly about our problems and try to understand one another's personalities. One of many things that I learned from, that problem was  was selflessness. It is one of the hardest things to do but as we keep doing it continuously, we will be able to be like Christ in one day.

This week I had an opportunity to teach Arisa (TRC.) She came from Japan to learn English at BYU. She met missionaries before and knew a lot about our church and the gospel. While we were teaching her, we found out that she had no faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I was really worry after the first appointment because having faith wasn't something that I could tell someone to have but they needed to earn that by themselves. However, as we went to teach her again, the spirit did soften her heart. On the last appointment, she said yes to us when we asked her to get baptized. I was really happy! There was one thing that she shared with us, she said that praying was very hard for her but as her kept doing it daily, she felt more comfortable doing it. I just want to say that we may find something difficult to do, but as we keep doing it everyday, that thing will become easier. Like when I read scripture, it is really hard for me to stay focus but as I keep trying, it becomes easier to do.

By the way, my district got to go the Temple Square last Friday, it was really fun! I went there so many times but this time was different. I have a name tag on my blouse! Woohoo.

Lots of Love,
Sister W.

Arisa is on the right side.
My favorite teacher, sister Limperle.

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