Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Transfer!

Guess what!

My companion and I got to stay! Last night was not only excited but also scary. It was like being in the Hunger Games ( in the good way, of course) No one knows who is going to leave or stay. We both freaked out every time that our phone rang because it could be the call from our Zone Leader. There were 8 people in my district, two of them got transferred, and one died (he is done with his mission) Members in our ward didn't want us to leave. They asked us to text them if we did get or didn't get transferred. I feel so loved haha. We are their favorite actually ;P (sorry elders)

We had the MMTC last night (Missionary Member Training Center). The purpose of this event was to help members overcome their fear of sharing gospel in their life. Our ward missionary leader dressed up as our mission president. So he put a jacket under his shirt to make him look like he had a big belly. He asked one of the girl in our ward to be his wife so that was really cute. Our mission president tradition after they finish talking, they would kiss each other. So we told them that in order to act like our mission president, they should do the same thing too! ;D 
Alright, back to the MMTC, There were 3 workshops, the Roadblock, Testimony Builder, Life Hack (?) My favorite is the last one. I think it is really useful for members to be able to understand that sharing gospel doesn't have to be something deep or complicated.
We don't have to recite the proclamation for the family, or anything, just talk about good experience at church, what we've learned on Sunday or church activities. 

Elder Grader got transferred! ( the front one)

Elder + sister Sweeny, we are their favorite!

Lanaya and Cassie!

President Champion and his wife!

when 8 cameras were trying to take a picture at the same time...

With Krista and Jessica. They are amazing.
Here is the last picture.

sister W.

Sister Watanawongworakula
Washington Seattle Mission 
10675 NE 20th St. 
Bellevue, WA 98004

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