Monday, December 12, 2016

Prayer is powerful


Happy belated Thanksgiving! We spent our thanksgiving night at our mission president's house with other 12 unwanted missionaries. We are in YSA (Young Single Adult) ward so most people went home during the break. It was really cool and we got to go to the general authority room ( the guest room for general authorities when they come to visit our area). 

I want to share about prayer in this email. I have a strong testimony that when we pray for specific things, we receive specific blessings! Last Friday, We prayed to received 3 new investigators and we received 3! it was a thanksgiving week so campus was kinda dead. We decided to go to Downtown instead of staying at UW. If you still remember the story from the past email you will understand that we both don't like taking a bus. However, we received a strong prompting that we should take a bus instead of the light rail. We acted upon it. And guess what! we met a lady on the bus stop and we were heading the same way. She met missionaries before and asked for the copy of the Book of Mormon! The other one that we met in Downtown was our Dan Jones! (Dan Jones is  someone that we met and they came to church on the same week!) I know that God provides when we do the things that are in line with what he wants us to do. and as we do our part, he will help us!

Back to when we were in Downtown, we ran into the protest again. We were 20 ft away from them. We were walking on the street and they just happened to march to the street that we were on. Seems like we always pick the place that people would protest. 

ps. I forgot my camera so I only have a picture of my zone this week

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