Monday, December 12, 2016

3rd Transfer


Good news! (?) I got transferred to Kirkland.. I don't actually know where Kirkland is. Sister Olson gets to stay and it is her 4th transfer straying here now  (will be 6 months staying in SYSA 2nd) She is now a sister training leader woohoo! I knew that they were going to send me somewhere since there is a thai lady that just got baptized and she couldn't speak english at all. I will teach her new member lessons! Sister Chairaksa was teaching her but it was time for her to go home. I am so excited! I got to teach her with Sister Chairaksa a little bit and she gave me Thai dessert! I'm really excited to go back haha. 

Last week was crazy, we went to Seattle University to do finding there. We got a couple solid investigators so that was great. However, we didn't know how to get back to the institute. We took 2 buses to get there. So we asked different people. We asked 5 people and all of them gave us the different directions.... We ended up walked to downtown and took the light rail (Downtown station instead of Broadway station).  It was like 45 mins of walking haha. This is what happened when none of us have a smartphone. We can't really use the GPS because we don't know the address of the bus stop nor light rail that close to Seattle U. 

On Saturday, We went to Bee's baptism (Thai lady) in Bothell and then came back to Seattle because we had a lesson. After that, we had Tian's baptism...the elders couldn't get into the font so the water wasn't filled. All of us used bowls and pitchers to fill up the font so that was fun haha. We were running like a rat! 

So this week, I was able to forget myself and focus more on others, it was the greatest feeling ever!! Not only I get the work done, but I also enjoy the work. If I just do the Lord's will but my heart is against it, I can never enjoy it or I just get the work done. but when I put all my heart and mind into the work, I was able to love the work and my heart was changed! I love being a missionary!
Love you all!

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