Monday, October 17, 2016

Rely on God


Last week was so so great. I have so many things to write on this email. But first, I want to follow up with the commitment that I extended it last week. How was it? Hope everyone has a great experience from doing that!

First of all, last Monday we were planning to go to the Underground city tour. We got direction (bus route) from our ward missionary. We were thinking about taking the light rail instead of the bus but none of us know how to get there so we trust our ward missionary (Luke) When we got in the bus none of us realized that the bus didn't take us to downtown but it took us to the opposite way. it took us half an hour to realize that we were heading to the wrong way! We had  to take the other bus to go to downtown and it would take an hour to get there. We spent an hour and a half on the bus last Monday. When we finally got to Downtown, it was around 4.30pm and our P-day ends at 6pm. The tour would take 1.15mins so we decided to do something else. Luckily, the Pike Place Plaze (Fish market) is close by so we spent time over there instead. On the way back, we took the light rail and it took us only 8 mins .... Taking buses is a pain for us.

Last Friday we had a special zone conference, Elder Echo Hawk (the seventy) came. We were told to prepare a 5 mins talk. I had a weird feeling that they were going to call me to speak because of my last name and they did. Fortunately, I was well prepared haha. I talked about the first topic on the first lesson in Preach My Gospel, God is our loving Heavenly Father. It is so important to view everyone as a child of God, the same way that you want God to view you. In the talk, I was comparing our investigator like beans. I had the opportunity to do service at U of W farm, harvesting beans. We could only pick beans that were big and long enough for this week. However, there were so many small beans that were not qualified for this week. Did that mean they are useless? Absolutely no, it was just not the right time. They would be ready some day but not now. We have faced so many rejection but I know that it might not be the time for them to learn the Gospel. We have to trust in the Lord's time table and his plan. And the most important thing is to never give up and always rely on God. I know that as we rely on him and have faith in him, noting will be impossible to achieve.  

One of our investigators, Trent, we found him on Friday. He was so ready to be baptized. He had been taught with missionaries before and been to church multiple times  and almost got baptized but he said he wasn't ready for that. As we talked to him, We could see his broken heart that only through gospel it could be healed. He is officially on dated to get baptized on Oct 22! I'm so so happy for him. Please pray for him!

Having Korean food with Jessica! 
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