Sunday, March 26, 2017

Last Week of transfer 4


This week is the last week of this transfer which means that the transfer is coming up! ewwwwww.... I think I will stay here another transfer but you never know. President Schofield doesn't have a pattern of how he transfer missionaries so we will see. I'm excited for that. I misunderstood that we will have 12 sisters coming but we only have 3 or 4 coming this transfer. 

We had zone conference last Tuesday on Valentine's day so we got to celebrate it with other missionaries. It was super fun and spiritual. We were focusing on having faith on finding. Sometime when people keep slamming the door in our face, it could be depressing but we know that there will be someone that ready to here the gospel. We might have to knock hundreds of doors to find that one person but I think it is worth to do. We also start going back to downtown Kirkland to do contacting and it was great! We had a lot of great conversation with people there. 

We also had member missionary fireside last Sunday at Redmond Stake Center. Two converts bore their testimonies and told us their story. One of them was Jehovah Witness and he was abandon by his family when they found out that he has a book of Mormon. His testimony is so strong that he decided to stand strong of what he believe and decided to get baptized. 

I'm running out of time again! Love you all <3
Sister Watanawongworakula
Washington Seattle Mission 
10675 NE 20th St. 
Bellevue, WA 9800

Member missionary fireside.
Zone conference with Hermanas
Sister Buluran from Philipine! Aren't we look the same? 

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