Monday, May 22, 2017

Last Week in Kirkland:(

Hi everyone!

Last week was AWESOME! The talk from elder Rasband about recognizing the spirit stuck in my head all week. Well, on Tuesday night sister Anderson had an allergy attacked so we decided to go in for language study. On the way home, I felt like we need to stop by the potential that we have from last month and see how she is doing. When we were there, her door was wide opened so we were like "errrr should we knock or no" but we felt like we were here for a reason and we decided to knock. Christy came out and talked to us. She is in the process of moving out so we offered her service. She broke down in tears.. She just had 2 emergency surgeries and the third one is coming up. She has no one to help her and the manager decided to kick her out since she is not qualified to live in the public apartment. Sometimes we may not know why we are doing this but we need to follow the prompting of the spirit. 

We had a mini exchange again on Wednesday night but it was an overnight exchange. Sister Grow came to Lakeview and I went to Cougar mountain to stay with Sister Lumgair. It was fun! Sister Anderson didn't get to be with sister training leader the whole transfer this is why we were doing it.

We had a KZA again (Kirkland Zone Award) and I got an award for being awesome haha just kd. We all did 30 seconds videos "I am a Mormon" Sister Anderson was me and I was her in the videos.  We went to do service at Fred Meyer for Hopelink. We hand out tons of flyers about food drive. The ex-member came to talk to me. He said that "Your church tortured gay people and they teach that if you are righteous enough your skin can be white" I was cracking up. I was like "I am so sorry to hear that but I don't think what you said was right" He turned back and said "be careful, I'm dead serious." Oh my goodness, it was so funny. I can't believe he used to be a member...what church did he go to.. Anyway, that was a great time. People are so weird and I love it haha.

On Saturday night, we got a text that no area is getting whitewash this transfer. We were in bed, light were off, compliments were given and they called us. Thanks elders. I whitewashed in this area with sister Wilson and I will whitewash out of this area with sister Anderson. It was so sad leaving the ward. One of the people in ward council said that half of the ward will leave the church and start their own church. That was funny haha. Well, I'm going to Shoreline zone, back to the West side.

Me and Samrouey!
Have a great week!

Sister Watanawongworakula
Washington Seattle Mission 
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Bellevue, WA 98004

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