Monday, July 17, 2017

Transfer 7 Week 3?

Hi everyone!

I lost count how many week I have been with sister Hall in the new area because I got emergency transfer into Halls Lake YSA and still covered Edmonds at that time and we are still together. They closed down Edmonds sister area so we got to move into that apartment. For me it was like moved back to where I was before. We closed downed Halls Lake apartment last Friday so that was fun. Luckily that we cleaned it super well when we left so we didn't have to do much besides moving furniture. We got help from our housing coordinators, Zone leaders and Edmonds elders. We thought that the Zone leaders will come with a truck but they came with a mini van... so it took them 3 trips to move everything out of the apartment. Good bye Halls Lake apt where there are tons of mole in that apartment haha. 

On Saturday night, our long lost investigator texted us back and said that he wanted to come to church but he needed a ride. No problem, we can make it happen haha. We got a ride for him and it was a miracle because he was gone for like a month or so. On Sunday morning, he said that he couldn't come anymore. That was a bummer. God showed us miracles but at the same time it is their agency to choose also. He will not force anyone to do anything if they do not want to. Sometimes it is hard to admit that but I know that someday he will come and the gospel will soften his heart. 

Love you all!

-Cotton is everywhere here.
-Richmond Beach 
-New district!

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