Monday, July 17, 2017

We got insulted by a parrot!


Last week was an interesting week! We went to visit a potential YSA that we had. When we knocked on the door, we heard the voice "HELLO! WHO IS THAT!" and it kept repeating until someone answered the door.  It wasn't the person that we wanted to talk to. When they shut the door.. that voice laughed at us...yes laughed at us. The girl opened the door and said that it was a parrot!! Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me now haha. 

We hit our officially 9 months tomorrow.  So we decided to take a picture like we are pregnant. 
Nothing much going on this week but next week will be great! 

Oh! I forgot to mention that our ward had retreat on Vashon Island and they also had church there. It is still in our mission but we couldn't go haha. So we went to the Edmonds ward instead and guess whom I met! The Christensens! They came because Brother Christensen's aunt was speaking. I was so so happy! Little tiny things happen everyday. I wrote down miracle that happens everyday so I can count my blessing and be grateful for things that happens no matter how bad the day can be. 


Sister Watanawongworakula
Washington Seattle Mission 
10675 NE 20th St. 
Bellevue, WA 98004

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